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Okay so another prompt fic for ya'll.

This one is for burningchaos who asked for Nick/Greg or Danny/Martin...a date where nothing seems to go right. Though it's probably not as funny as you thought it would be dear. And el_gilliath who asked for Danny/Martin: Child, bubblebath, beach, ice cream, whipped cream, thong though the thong only made the vaguest appearance ever.

Title: Mountains and Molehills
Characters: Danny/Martin with the Alvarez clan making an appearance.
Word Count: 2,494
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Danny and Martin attempt to go on their first date.
Author's Notes: Set somewhere after the third season or at least 'Off The Tracks'. No mentions of the Character We Dare Not Speak Of.

This isn’t going anything like he had planned.

Because he’s planned it, to the last intricate detail, he’s planned it. There were supposed to candles and a nice, romantic dinner. Light conversation that would be easy because they’ve known each other for years, but it would still have that spark because it’s a first date.

He’s planned what he would say, what moves he’d use because even though they’ve known each other for so long, Martin wouldn’t know any of his moves. And Martin would smile and blush and lean in closer when Danny had started to whisper what he was saying until their faces were so close it would just take a few extra inches for their lips to touch.

Instead the evening starts out like this.

“What do you mean you lost my dinner reservations? I made these weeks ago.” Danny says, voice low because he doesn’t want Martin to hear this.

“That’s just what I said sir. I am so very sorry for the inconvenience. If you and your… um… friend would like to wait for an hour or so…”

He doesn’t want to wait for an hour or so because they just got off a case. A very hard case that has kept them up for hours on end and he’d convinced Martin to do this, to keep their date even though they were both dead tired.

Martin’s getting that look like he just wants to tell Danny that maybe they should wait, but Danny thinks they’ve waited long enough. Years, he’s waited years and maybe it hasn’t been that long for Martin, but it’s been years for him.

Danny thinks that’s a long time to wait for a first date.

“No, no, that’s okay. Um… we’ll just leave.” Danny says.

The hostess smiles at him politely, kind of coyly and Danny wants to roll his eyes at her, but instead turns to Martin and offers him a frown.

“Looks like we’re not eating here.”

“Too fancy for me anyway.” Martin says with a smile.

Danny smiles back at him and he knows that Martin eats bad cheeseburgers and greasy fries.

“You know I think Pete’s is still open.” Danny says.

Martin’s eyes widen and his smile gets bigger and Danny knows that Pete’s is like Martin’s federally approved drug. Cheeseburgers and fries and apple pie that’s just slightly overcooked, but still tasty and if he could, Martin would eat there every day.

“Pete’s never closes.” Martin says almost reverently.

“Well looks like we’re in for a change of location.”

“Sounds great to me.”


Pete’s still serves the same greasy food it always has and though Danny can feel his arteries clogging up at the sight of it, he orders himself a cheeseburger as well.

Martin seems to like it and Danny guesses that’s all that matters.

“So… that was some case.” Martin says.

Danny frowns. He doesn’t want to talk about work and he’s surprised that Martin wants to talk about work. By the look on his face though, Martin seems to think that they shouldn’t be silent.

And it’s at that moment that Danny realizes that even though they’ve known each other for a long time and they’ve been friends for most of that time and have seen each other through some rather rough times, that despite all that this is still a first date.

It’s also the moment his burger decides to spill ketchup on his new white shirt.


Martin looks over at him and he hands Danny a bunch of napkins from the dispenser.

“Great.” Danny mutters.

“It’s not that bad.”

“Martin its red ketchup on a white shirt.”

“It’ll come out at the dry cleaners.”

“You sound like you have a lot of experience with this.”

“Are you trying to say I spill stuff on myself a lot?”

“Considering how you eat…”

Martin glares at him, but it’s almost playful and he lets out a put upon sigh.

“I do not have bad eating habits.”

“Martin if you didn’t eat so much junk, you would have to run so much before work.”

“You run just as much.”

“Yes, but that’s because I want to. Not because I stuffed myself on greasy breakfast burritos and hot dogs from the vendor outside of the office.”

“You know insulting a guy on the first date probably isn’t the best way to insure that there’s going to be a second.”

“Well I’ll just have to…”

It’s at that moment that his phone rings and he lets out a groan.

“Please say it’s not Jack.” Martin says and Danny knows that his pain is shared.

He pulls his phone out of his back pocket and looks at the number.

“Not Jack.” He says and Martin breathes a sigh of relief.

“It’s my brother.”

Martin frowns a bit and Danny knows he’s remember the last time Danny got a call from his brother’s house.

“Hello?” Danny says.

Danny, thank god I caught you. I was trying your home phone, but there was no answer.

“Yeah, sorry about that Sylvia. I’m kind of… out right now.” Danny says.

Oh, really?

There’s something a bit deflated in her tone that leads Danny to believe she had been planning to ask him for a favor.

“Yeah, why?”

Well, Rafi and I had planned to go out to the movies. Just a little thing for the two of us you know because lately with the new baby it’s been hard to have any time alone. Anyway, the babysitter cancelled on us on the last minute. I wouldn’t have called you, but we’ve tried everyone else and I said you might say yes and Rafi said not to bother you and I guess he was right. I’m really sorry if I bothered you.

Danny bites his lip and sighs. He’s amazed that women just seem to be better at the guilty trip than anyone else. Even if they’re not trying to be.

“Sylvia, I..”

No, Danny, its fine. You don’t have to. We’ll just schedule it for another time.

Danny shakes his head as she continues to go on about how they’d really been looking forward to this, but that it’s okay because Danny has a life to and Martin’s looking at him expectantly. Danny puts his hand over the receiver.

“They need a babysitter.” He says.


“Yeah, oh.”

“Look, if you want… I mean we can do this any time…”

Danny wants to scream because no, they can’t do this anytime. They were doing this right now, but Martin seems to have made up his mind about this and it isn’t in the direction that Danny would have liked.




Danny sighs.

“Fine, Sylvia, bring them over.”


They’ve been over for exactly an hour.

Hector isn’t so hard. He’s a baby, just a few months old and though a lot of people would think that he’d be the more difficult of the two, he’s actually not. He’s a quite baby and he’s slept through most of the time already.

It’s Nicky that’s the problem.

He’s running around Danny’s small apartment like the hyperactive eleven year old he is asking for impossible things like a bubble bath when Danny doesn’t even have a bathtub and a trip to the beach when it’s the middle of the night.

The bubble bath thing is easily solved by pointing out that Danny doesn’t have a bath, he has a shower and that Nicky already took a shower and shouldn’t kids hate bathing. Nicky just stares at him like he’s an idiot and goes off talking about how his mommy and daddy take him to the beach all the time.

“Don’t you have any homework to do?” Danny asks desperately.

“I finished it already.” Nicky says.

He changes the channel again and Danny looks over at the clock desperately wishing it were really late already.

“Isn’t it time for bed yet?” Danny asks.

“No. It’s only eight o’clock.”

“So you’re not tired at all then.”

“Nope.” Nicky says as he flips the channel again.

He’s about to take the remote away from Nicky and put on some sports when the doorbell rings. Danny scurries off the couch and walks as fast as he can to the door praying it’s Rafi and Sylvia coming back to say the movie sucked and they decided to walk out and take the kids back.

Instead he gets Martin.

“I brought ice cream.” He says holding up the plastic grocery bag.

He’s changed out of his suit into more comfortable jeans and a loose fitting shirt. He’s smiling at Danny a bit sheepishly and the urge to kiss him is too strong so Danny just leans in, noses bumping just a bit before its right and it’s soft and sweet and a bit chaste, nothing like a first kiss should be, but Danny’s stopped caring.

“So I’m guessing the ice cream was a hit then.” Martin says when Danny pulls away.

“I like ice cream.”

Danny looks to the side to see Nicky standing there, arms across his chest and Danny realizes he’s probably going to have an awkward conversation with his brother and sister-in-law, but it would have happened sooner or later.

“Good thing I brought some then.” Martin says.

“What kind?” Nicky asks.

“Vanilla. Figured you can’t go wrong with vanilla right?”

Nicky bites his lip and shakes his head.

“I like whipped cream on my ice cream. And cherries.”

“Hmm… well I don’t have any of those things, but I did bring chocolate sauce.” Martin says.

Nicky frowns and Danny can tell the kid is giving Martin the once over. It seems that chocolate sauce has met his approval because he moves his arms so that there resting at his sides and does a head tilt.

“That’s cool. I can have some right Uncle Danny.”

He gives Danny the puppy dog eyes and it’s not like Danny’s going to say no.

“Of course.”


Nicky finally goes to sleep after two bowls of ice cream drenched in Hershey’s chocolate sauce. He runs around the apartment some more and Martin makes a good effort of chasing after him before he’s out of breath and collapsing on the couch.

“Getting old, huh?” Danny says when Martin collapses next to him.

He’s panting for breath and his hair is kind of sticking to his forehead from sweat, face flushed red, but to Danny he’s hotter than anyone even if there are wrinkles around his blue eyes and he’s smile is just a bit crooked.

“Shut up.” Martin says slapping at Danny’s chest playfully.

“Hey, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I couldn’t keep up with him either. Maybe the ice cream wasn’t such a good idea though.” Danny says.

Martin nods and his head falls a bit until it’s resting on Danny’s shoulder.

“It was just an excuse.”

Nicky runs around the apartment some more, getting into things and asking all sorts of questions about their job as the sit comfortably on the couch, television turned down just a bit and it’s tuned to the ESPN like it should be.

And just because the night wouldn’t be completely without it, Nicky gets into Danny’s underwear drawer and uses some of the more skimpy ones as sling shots.

Because it wouldn’t be a complete date without that.

Danny practically pushes Nicky out of the door when Sylvia and Rafi get there, though he’s a bit gentler with Hector.

“Thanks again for this, Danny.” Sylvia says.

“Yeah, little brother. It was nice of you.” Rafi says.

“It’s nothing.” Danny says though he’s lying just a little bit.

“Yeah, Uncle Danny’s friend came over and we had ice cream.” Nicky says.

“Friend?” Sylvia says.

Both she and Rafi give him questioning looks.

“Yeah. He’s pretty cool. His name is Martin.”

They seem taken aback by that, like they were expecting some beautiful woman and certainly not a Martin.

“Yeah, I think we’re going to have to talk… later.” Danny says.

Sylvia seems to catch his drift and she smiles at him and shakes his head even as Rafi’s still frowning and trying to figure out what conversation he’s seemed to have missed out on.

“Right, well, later than.”

It’s not long after that that they’re gone and Danny watches from his window as they get into their car and leave.

He turns back to his living room, Martin sleeping on his couch and it’s pretty late, but he doesn’t want to wake Martin up.

He does anyway.

“They’re gone.” Danny says softly.

Martin smiles sleepily and stretches a bit, back arching off the couch as he works out the kinks.

“Hmm… your nephew is a handful.”

“Most kids are.”

“I guess.”

He yawns and doesn’t make any more attempts to move. Just buries his head into the couch cushion a bit more, but his eyes are open and staring at Danny.

“Interesting first date.” He says.

“Is interesting the word you’re looking for.” Danny mutters.

Martin lifts his arm and his hand touches Danny’s face softly, fingers trailing across Danny’s cheek and Danny leans into it.

“Well the kissing and the cuddling were certainly nice.”

“Yeah.” Danny says, his voice more hoarse than he’d been meaning for it to be,

“So it wasn’t perfect.”

“I was kind of hoping it would be.”

“Perfect doesn’t really matter. It’s enough that it finally happened.”

Martin smiles at him and Danny smiles back.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

They stay like that, seconds ticking by and Martin yawns again.

“You should probably go home.” Danny says.

“Hmm… what time is it?”

“Close to one.”

“Wow, your brother and his wife stayed out late.”

“Yeah, well, apparently it’s Friday.”

“Huh, you forget that working our jobs.” Martin says and he looks genuinely surprised by that.

“Yeah, I guess.”

A few seconds pass before Martin smirks, playful and just a hint mischievous and Danny wonders what he’s got up his sleeve.

“So what’s your stance on sleeping with someone on the first date?”

Danny laughs and shakes his head.

“This whole thing was a clever rouse wasn’t it? Just to get me into bed.”

“I can think of a lot less complicated ways to get you into bed. And I already got you on the couch so…”

“And you’re probably too tired to drive yourself home.”

“Yup. Very tired.”

“And there’ll be nothing but sleep.”

“Hours of work followed by chasing your nephew around your surprisingly big apartment… yeah, just sleep Danny. Anything more strenuous is going to have to wait for another time.”

Danny smiles and leans down, lips brushing against Martin’s and Danny should be surprised at how easy this is, but he’s not.

Why shouldn’t this be easy when trying to make it complicated just ends in disaster?

When he pulls away Martin’s smiling at him, fingers playing with Danny’s hair and Danny smiles back.

“Yeah, okay, sleep. Sounds like a fun time.”

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