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And they get progressively slashier

While From Earth to Starbucks was slashy in it's own right, and He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Opps He's Dead was slashy in it's own right, I almost have to say this one beats them both out.

Lassiter complimenting Shawn, saying he better not screw it up, when prompted if Shawn helps on the cases he answers 'Absolutely'. Then the big kicker... Lassiter pays or brings in favors or does something to get Shawn his bike back.

His dad getting his bike back, yeah, okay I can see this. Henry is the one that got the bike taken away via the police department/meter maids. It's great that he loves Shawn even though his ways of expressing that love aren't very clear.

(Sidenote, I loved Shawn's little rant to his dad and it totally goes with the fact that Shawn developed this air of going from one job to the next, never sticking around and living for himself thing as a way of proving to his dad that he doesn't represent anyone but himself. However, one cannot totally go through life like that, thus his compromise into being a psychic... even if he did just sort of stumble onto the job.)

Hornstack had a reason too, Shawn basically won the case for him and got him a partnership, made Hornstack's dad see that he could win a case, with help, but also make a good decision on who to hire to help him.

However, Lassiter had no reason to try and get Shawn his bike back. And Lassiter didn't even wait for the auction, he took care of in internally. And the little thing at the end where he's trying to play it off like it's no big deal... so much love for Lassiter.

I really do think he wanted Shawn to prove the prosecutor wrong. It got out of his hands, the prosecutor forced it so Lassiter wanted Shawn to fix it for him. I'm a little torn between thinking Juliet dropped the papers on purpose or not. On the one hand, it would be so likely her to give Shawn a push in the right direction, on the other... I'm just not totally convinced she's smart enough. And the papers were turned over so who knows. I'd really like to believe she did it on purpose, but I can't fully believe it.

I loved the look on Lassiter's face when Hornstack mentioned the letter. The way he looked over at Shawn, just brilliant. It was like he had hoped it would turn out that way, but this is Detective Carlton Lassiter, he doesn't waste time on hope. So brilliant.

And my show is giving me character development. The somewhat ansgt-y father/son exchanges that Henry and Shawn have are always so much fun to watch. And we now know that Shawn's mother was around in 1985 and clearly they were one happy family unit. The first real mention of his mom, although in From Earth to Starbucks they kind of mention her in the roundabout-est way possible in that Henry is dating and something to do with 15 years. I'm thinking Shawn's mommy died.

Oh and Gus... pulling that bit of lawyer terminology out of his ass like that... I do love him. However I absolutely hate his name, Burton Guster. Who does that to a child?

Also this episode too fits with the series I am currently working on and need to get done or out or whatever

EDIT: Did everyone but me know that the girl that played Dule's love interest in From Earth to Starbucks (can't remember her name right now) is his wife? Or was I not alone on that one?
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