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The Hardest Thing About Writing Slashy Smut is the Pronoun Confusion
Clockstopper's Live Journal
Because my firefox has been updated, I'm getting red squiggly lines… 
30th-Oct-2006 08:54 pm
Frank Smoking Icon
Because my firefox has been updated, I'm getting red squiggly lines under the words it thinks are spelled wrong. It's a cool feature, but when a lot of words that I use are like fandom and fics and icon-ing and other made up words... it gets kind of annoying.

Halloween tomorrow... yay-ness because I plan to watch all the scary movies the can show... except not really because House comes back and Nip/Tuck shall be on. Still WOOT!

I've used about 52 of the icons I have and that makes me giddy. I'm gonna have to renew the paid account when it's run out because I don't know how I'd narrow it down to 15 again.

Though it's not Scenes (I'm working on it I swear) it is a WaT fic. I realized I had claimed Danny Taylor on fanfic100 and I only have three fics. More need to be written.

Title: The Importance of Brown Liquids
Fandom: Without a Trace
Characters: Danny Taylor, Martin Fitzgerald with mentions of Jack, Sam, and Viv
Prompt: Brown
Word Count: 865
Rating: PG
Summary: Danny is a man who loves his coffee
Author's Notes: This is a pretty silly little story and it's kind of gen kind of pre-slash depending on the way you read it.

Danny takes his coffee in a very certain way.

He’s never told anyone about it. Doesn’t think they’d understand it. Thinks they’d probably call him a weirdo if he told them that he takes three and half sugars, a few drops of cream, stirs it, adds a little more cream until it’s a nice mocha brown color and then adds the last half of the sugar.

If there’s milk, that’s even better because he likes creamer well enough, but it’s always got flavor to it that detracts from the wonderful coffee taste. It’s neurotic, yes, and he’s willing to admit that. Isn’t ashamed, but he’d rather not have to explain why he makes it that way because he’s not sure he could.

He likes the way it tastes. He guesses that’s all it comes down to, but the one person he’s ever told that, an old girlfriend he doesn’t like to think about anymore, had looked at him like he said he wanted cow feces in his coffee and he’s never told anyone after that.

So he endures. Takes it when Sam offers him a cup, one sugar and it’s dosed in cream. Takes it when Viv hands him a mug, five sugars and maybe a drop of cream. Accepts when Jack gives him some, one sugar, if he lucky, and no cream whatsoever.

He drinks it or he tells them no and smiles charmingly at them and they smile back. Doesn’t let on that their coffees are either too sugar or too strong because really, who’s that picky about coffee.

They have their tastes and if he appears to be versatile when it comes to his coffee habits, that’s better. He is a guy after all. He’s told that guys don’t really care about these kinds of things, but Danny thinks you have to when you work his kind of job.

When caffeine is your only addictive substance and it has to make up for a much more powerful. When it’s the only thing keeping you from just burning out after a three day case on maybe two hours of sleep. When the neighbors are fighting about diapers or formula until three in the morning and you have to be up at six just to make it to work on time.

It’s important to Danny and most days everyone else’s coffee isn’t a problem. Gets up early enough to fix himself a cup without anyone their to judge him. And if he sometimes makers a decoy batch that taste close to jet fuel… well that will keep people further away from him and his coffee.

It’s after a particularly hard case, one involving dead kids and missing kids and both him and Martin going off the rails at each other, that he walks in the office, fully intent on making his own coffee and he sees a cup waiting for him.

Looks over at Martin who’s staring at him expectantly. It’s a peace offering and, as much as Danny wants to make his own coffee, he can’t exactly turn down a peace offering.

So he walks to his desk. Looks at the paper cup suspiciously before picking it up and taking a drink. Lets the warm, brown fluid fill his mouth and it taste good… really good. Not like the coffee that Martin usually makes, five sugars and more cream than actual coffee.

This is actual coffee. This is his kind of coffee and he suspects that it’s made the way he makes it.

“So… I’m… you know… sorry about yesterday.” Martin says sheepishly.

He’s not entirely sure when Martin got up from his seat, too absorbed in his coffee. Looks over at Martin, earnest, nervous smile on his face and he smiles back.

“Don’t worry about it. Nice coffee though.”

“Oh, yeah… um… is it… I mean I know you take it pretty… differently.”

“Really. You watching me when I make my coffee.”

“I just figured if I was going to apologize… then I better do it right.”

Martin says it so confidently and he has to smile back. Puts down the cup and turns to face Martin again.

“Well that is good coffee.”

“Must be. I mean it takes you five minutes to get it right every morning.”

He didn’t think anyone noticed and he’s not sure what it says about Martin that he did. He doesn’t want to examine that though, at least not right now. Just wants to get back to his coffee and finish the day even though it just started.

“Isn’t it weird that all the good beverages are brown?”

Martin stares at him weirdly for a second, confusion clear on his face as his brows furrow and then he smiles.

“Yeah, you’d think they’d try and make it a different color. Or people would be turned off by the brown. I try not to think about.” Martin says.

He picks up a file from Danny’s desk and walks over to his own, smile still on his face. Chuckles to himself as he turns on his computer and Danny spares one last look at him before shaking his head and getting to his own desk.

And his coffee.



31st-Oct-2006 08:34 pm (UTC)
Very sweet! :)
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