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Some stuff about life and new fic

I have come to the conclusion that I hate most of the Roommates friends. They're all just so... mean. The Roommate is wigging over turning 29, happens in three days, and they're all telling him to get over it. Now I myself thinking he's acting like a big baby, but they're all like, if you didn't act like such a kid and maybe finished school and had a real job, you wouldn't feel so old. Yeah... no love... for any of them.

That being said I have fic. It's John/Rodney. It's also AU. Sort of a 'one life John and Rodney don't have but could have had' type of thing. Most of it's intentionally vague, but since they're not on Atlantis I think it qualifies. Written for wordclaim50

Title: Days of the Week or The Tango Rodney
Author: Clockstopper
Fandom and Pairing: SGA, John/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: AU
Warnings: none
Notes: This story was written with the desire to use the title The Tango Rodney (to those who get the reference, you rock). And since I needed to write an AU for wordclaim50 it all sort of came together.
“I could find someone else. Some who I don’t fight with every other fucking day.”

“No you won’t. No one else would take you… either of you. You’ll just have to be totally fucked up together.”


John comes home, after a very long weekend in which he got a bruise on his face from some punk who was too high on whatever to know what he was doing and a billion hours spent testifying and re-testifying and holding off really scary prosecutors advances.

He wants to just curl up into bed and sleep for the next year, preferably with Rodney, but he knows that Rodney could never sleep that long even if he tried. He’ll settle for food that isn’t take-out and six hours of solid sleep.

This is what he gets:

The house is a whirlwind, papers and documents everywhere and at least twenty take-out containers in the immediate vicinity along with a few pizza boxes. He spots the cat eating straight out of one of the boxes and wonders if Rodney even bothered to feed the poor thing.

She picks up her head and meows at him. It’s an accusatory mew one that’s filled with tales of dirty litter boxes and empty food bowls. John pets her softly and she moves away from his hand and almost hisses at him.

He sighs and picks her up, she meows and tries to get away, but John holds her steady. Doesn’t put her down until he’s in the kitchen, just as messy as the living room and fills the bowls with food and fresh water. He doesn’t even want to look at the litter box and Rodney’s so going to have to take care of that on his own.

She looks up at him suspiciously before taking a bite, purring softly as she eats and John eases his way out.

He makes his way up the staircase and carefully walks down the hallway until he’s in front of Rodney’s office and he’s greeted with another whirlwind of papers, take-out food and Rodney sitting hunched over his desk.

From the back, John can see the tight knots of frustration that are going to have him complaining when he’s done with whatever new project has him this way.

“Did you spend all weekend like that?” John asks.

He watches as Rodney jumps a little and turns around in his chair, eyes wild and his hair is sticking up in odd places.

“You’re back.” Rodney says.

“Yeah, it’s Monday. Did you spend all weekend like that?”

“Figured I’d get some work done, you know because I rarely have a weekend to myself lately.”

He doesn’t mean it like it sounds and earlier on in their relationship John might have been a little pissed if he said something like that, but he’s been with Rodney for two years now and he knows how he gets.

“Um… didn’t you have to go into the office today?”

“And be surrounded by idiots when I’m this close to a breakthrough? No, just… no. They would have made it impossible for me to get my work done.”

“Right. So…”

“If you don’t mind. I was seconds away from a breakthrough.”

John also knows enough to know that seconds could actually mean days.

“I was going to make spaghetti… if you want some.”

“I ordered take-out. There’s still some left… I think.”

“Yeah, the cat ate it. You really need to learn not to abandon her when you go off like this.”

“She’s used to it.”

John has no doubt that maybe two years ago she was used to it. Used to having to eat out of Chinese boxes and smelly litter boxes. But John’s been around for the last two years and, though he wasn’t a big fan of cats before this relationship, he likes her and her personality and he’s been around to feed her when Rodney gets like this.

He thinks Rodney’s going to have to buy some pretty good cat treats to get back on her good side, but he doesn’t mention this because Rodney’s back on his work and his equations and his technological crap that just flies right over John’s head.

He hopes there’s still food in the pantry.


Somebody got killed today and John knows that that’s par for the course.

Deals with cases like that everyday and at least it wasn’t a kid or anything like that. It was pretty easy in fact and John thinks that his Captain knew he needed a break.

“Going home now, Shep?” Lorne asks teasingly.

“As a matter of fact I am. You should too.”

“Nah, I think I’m on to something here.”

“I’ve heard that enough times in the last twenty-four hours.”

“Rodney?” Lorne asks.

“Who else?”

Lorne laughs a little at that and picks up another case file.

“Well, good luck with that one.” He says as he starts to open the file and look through it.

“You need a life, Lorne.”

“The same could be said for you, man.”

He rolls his eyes and picks up his jacket, shaking his head. It took a few minutes to get home and he’s not sure what Rodney’s going to be like when he gets there. He’s never been able to shake Rodney out of one of these trances and when he left this morning, Rodney was wrapped in a blanket, still hunched over his chair with red eyes like he hadn’t slept in days.

He climbs out of his car and makes short work of the steps before he’s unlocking the door, throws his jacket on the coat hanger and surveys the house. It’s still pretty messy and he spots the cat sleeping off in John’s favorite chair.

John sits down on the couch and turns on the television. Figures he might as well keep himself occupied if Rodney’s going to be too busy with his physics to even bother with John and he’s in the middle of the second inning of the baseball game when he hears an almost shriek come from upstairs.

He’s about to get up and investigate when Rodney comes barreling down the stairs, look of maniac glee on his face and he grabs John, lips practically smashing against John’s as Rodney’s tongue pushes against John’s lips and they’re kissing.

John takes a stab in the dark and guesses that Rodney figured out how to make his project work.

Not that he gets the chance to ask, Rodney pushing him down on the couch and basically shoving off his pants, pulls down his boxers and Rodney’s panting harshly and it’s all going really fast. Rodney’s mouth on his cock and it takes a few sucks before John’s really hard and squirming underneath Rodney.

Rodney’s hands all over his body, under his shirt and gliding smoothly along his sides as his mouth does the most deliciously hot things to his dick and it’s all enthusiastic and warm. Rodney takes him deeper, sucks harder and the things he does with his tongue make John’s brain short circuit until he’s pulling at Rodney’s hair and moaning too loudly.

Doesn’t take long before John’s coming in Rodney’s mouth because Rodney’s practically demanding it and it has been at least four days and that’s too long in John’s book. Comes with Rodney’s name falling from his lips and Rodney swallows it down.

John’s still in the middle of the afterglow when Rodney pushes his own pants down, hand going to his hard cock and he starts stroking, face going blank and John moves his hand away. Replaces it with his own strokes, Rodney’s eyes opening wide and he scrambles to kiss John.

Misses the mark at first, but Rodney’s determined and soon they’re kissing and John’s jerking Rodney off and few hard strokes and Rodney’s coming all over his hand and screaming John.

John takes a few harsh breaths and shoves at Rodney’s shoulder because Rodney collapsed on top of him after coming spectacularly.

“Rodney.” John says pushing again.

His answer is a snore.

Sighing because this is just so Rodney and it’s something John’s a little used to and he should have known Rodney would collapse on him afterward, John pushes him off slowly. Rolls Rodney onto his side and he’s thankful that they got this couch for its comfort level, because there’s enough room for two grown men to maneuver around on their sides.

He lies down on his side next to Rodney and tries to get some sleep as well.


He doesn’t throw anything at the wall, but it’s a close call.

He came home, house marginally less messy than it was before and it turns out his easy case wasn’t as easy as he would have liked. In fact it leads to an underage prostitution ring and John can still see the looks in their hollow eyes as John and Lorne ushered them tot he paramedics.

So he was pissed, but repressively so and Rodney turned out to be pissed too. Something to do with his projects and the morons he works with and the lasagna that he overheated.

John yelled, because Rodney’s not supposed to be cooking and Rodney called him an idiot. John returned the idiot remark and raised it with a sarcastic ‘even a genius could manage cooking dinner… oh wait’.

Words were thrown around and Rodney threw a plate at him head.

“Should’ve aimed for the table behind me. Then maybe you would have hit me. You throw like a girl.” John yells.

“I hate you.” Rodney yells back and throws the blender.

There’s not enough force behind it and it falls in the ground at John’s feet.

“Are you trying to prove my point?”

Rodney shrieks, a loud piercing shriek and he looks one hundred percent pissed.

“Get the hell out.” He says, voice low and he points to the general direction of the front door.

John’s fists clench and unclench and he glares.

“Fine.” He says.

“And stay gone!” Rodney yells from the kitchen as he’s walking out of the door.

“Gladly!” John yells back as he slams the front door.

He’s not entirely sure what happened after that. Thinks he may have gone to his favorite bar, the one he goes to with the guys after cases are wrapped up and he’ll have to ask Jill, the bartender, the next time he’s there.

He’s not sure how he makes it to Lorne’s but he thinks it probably includes something he’d have to arrest himself for and he’s just glad he didn’t run his car into a pole.

Lorne opens the door, wary look on his face and ushers John into his apartment before John’s ranting wakes up his neighbors.

This is the conversation John remembers most, mainly because they’ve had it before:

“I don’t need him.” John says, his words slurred and Lorne sighs.

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t.” John protests loudly.

“I was just fine before he came along with his stupid brain and his cat. Fine.”

“What fine being alone and drinking. Yeah you were a real winner there, Shep.”

“I didn’t drink too much.” John says, pout on his face.

“You were so stereotypical it was making me cringe. AA would have loved you.” Lorne says.

He puts a cup of coffee in front of John’s face and John glares at him and the cup.

“Doesn’t mean anything.”

Lorne sighs again.

“Shut up. You’ll fight, you’ll get over it and you’ll be cooking him dinner in two days tops.”

“I could find someone else. Some who I don’t fight with every other fucking day.”

“No you won’t. No one else would take you… either of you. You’ll just have to be totally fucked up together.”

John thinks he should probably start listening to Lorne when he talks.


“Rodney open the door.”

John sighs and pounds on the door again. He woke up in the morning with a killer hang over and Lorne handing him a few pills. Went to work and tried not to think about Rodney, failed a couple of times, but nothing that would get him in trouble.

He decided to head home after work. Try and reason with Rodney even if it led to more yelling and he knows Lorne’s right about this. Knows that he’ll always go back to Rodney because he loves him and it’s not always fights.

Sometimes it’s Rodney’s fingers through his head as he doesn’t quite cry, but lies totally still and silent. Sometimes there’s laughter and smiles and work doesn’t matter and John likes those times too much to let go of them.

He got there and there was a box in front of the house, John’s clothes and a few movies and junk that Rodney can’t stand in it and John growls before going to the door. Tries his key in the lock and it doesn’t work.

“Rodney, open the door.” John says as he pounds.

“I know you’re home. You’re car is in front of the yard.”

There’s still silence and John kicks at the door.

“Damn it, Rodney could we please go about this like civil people.”

There’s still no answer and John sighs.

“Fine… fine. Look, if you… I’ll be at Lorne’s.” John finishes because he’s not quite sure what else to say.

He picks up his box and walks to his car and almost bumps into his next door neighbor, Mrs. Nickels.

“Sorry Mrs. Nickels.” John says politely.

She looks him up and down, takes in the wrinkled clothes and all around haggard appearance along with the box and sighs.

“Is it Thursday already.”

John just sighs.


He rushes to the animal hospital because that’s the only words that John can make out from Rodney’s frantic call. He’s just glad that he was off duty when he got the call because he really didn’t want to have to explain it to his Captain if he didn’t have to.

Runs through the hospital and finds Rodney sitting in one of the waiting chairs looking a bit lost, hands wringing in his lap.

“Hey.” John says taking the seat next to him.

“She swallowed some buttons.”


“She bit them off of your jacket.”

John tries not to laugh at that because it sounds so much like their cat that it’s pretty funny.

“She’s going to be fine, Rodney.”

“Of course she is. The vet said that he just wants to wait for her to shit them out, but that if it seems like she has a problem then… well… surgery.”

Rodney sounds a little hysterical so John grabs his hand in his own and strokes it.

“Guess it’s better than the surgery alternative.”

Rodney swallows harshly and John thinks that maybe it wasn’t the best thing to say so he squeezes Rodney’s hand again.

“She was throwing up and I didn’t know why. I mean she’s always been very healthy.”

“You pamper her… you know when you’re not working yourself to an early grave.”

“Yeah, but she’s self-sufficient. Then you come along and she gets used to being fed twice a day and attention. You know she was mopey for the last day and a half. Curled up on your damn chair and meowed every once in awhile when I’d pass by.”

John thinks it’s a little weird that the cat is bringing them back together, but it’s the closest thing they have to a kid who’d pretend to break his arm or something to get his parents speaking again. Instead they have a cat that eats buttons and weeps.

“I’m very sorry that the cat has gotten used to eating cat food regularly.”

“You know this means you can never leave. She’s liable to try and commit cat suicide.”

John nods because he understands what Rodney isn’t saying. Because John was the first person he called and most likely the last because Rodney would never want anyone to know that he could go into hysterics over a cat.

“Well, we can’t have that.”


“It’s just a scratch.”

“You call something that needs five stitches a scratch.”

“It was four.”

“Don’t lie to me. I called Lorne. He said it was five.”

John curses under his breath because of course Rodney called Lorne and of course his partner, Mister Can’t Tell a Lie, told him it was five. Not that it makes much of a difference.

“Rodney, can we put this conversation on hold. Only we’re supposed to be having a nice dinner with your friends.”

“Why do you call them my friends? You’ve known them for two years. When do they become your friends.”

John shrugs at that because he doesn’t know the answer. He’s known Carson and Elizabeth and Radek and he’s known Laura longer than that because she’s on the force and quiet possibly the reason that he and Rodney are together.

Still, he can’t quite call them friends because Laura’s a cop and he’s a detective and that’s just weird. Radek and Rodney get very geeky with each other and John can only understand every other word out of his mouth. Carson’s nice and pretty sweet, but again, he can’t understand half the words that come out of his mouth.

The only one he really understands is Elizabeth, but he can’t exactly call her a friend either and he doesn’t know why.

“Just… drop it Rodney.”

He pouts, but shrugs his shoulders and sighs.

“Okay, fine. Let’s get this dinner over with.”

The dinner was fine. He hadn’t had to field any questions about the scratch on his forehead and he was fine with that. They talked and laughed and generally had a good time and they drove home in silence, hands intertwined and John wasn’t sure if Rodney’s silence was a good thing.

They get ready for bed in silence, Rodney stripping down to a comfortable shirt and boxers and John doing about the same. They get into bed, the absence of the cat noted and Rodney rolls over until his head is resting on John’s shoulder and he sighs.

“I hate that you know.”

“Hate what?” John asks as he leans down and kisses the top of Rodney’s head.

“Your job, you coming home with bruises.”

“I know you do.”

“You’re still not going to quit.”

“I like my job, Rodney.”

Rodney’s quiet for a few moments, kisses John’s neck and sighs.

“Of course you do.”


John had been jarred out of his sleep and couldn’t find it again.

He remembers getting up and walking over to the office, still pretty much a disaster area from Rodney’s latest breakthrough, but it’s always like that. Checks his fantasy football stats, he’s up against some detective he doesn’t really know and he curses Lorne again for getting him addicted to this.

Goes into the living room and turns the television on low eyes the cat sitting in his chair and flips through the channels of his NFL Sunday ticket that he had to bargain with blowjobs and the promise of NHL Center Ice. A fair trade off really even if he does have to endure slight scheduling problems.

He’s in the middle of a game when Rodney comes down from the stairs. Rodney’s hair is sticking up in odd angles and he’s rubbing his eyes, skin of his belly exposed a little as his shirt hikes up about his pajama pants.

“What are you doing up at this hour?”

John doesn’t comment on the fact that it’s eleven o’clock and instead points at the television.

“Oh, right, are you gonna be running upstairs every five minutes?” Rodney asks as he throws himself on the couch next to John.

John scoots over to allow Rodney some room and cuddles next to him.

“Think I’ll set up the laptop.”

Rodney rolls his eyes and cuddles close to John’s chest.

“That’s going to leave a scar you know.”

“It’ll add character.”

“Of course you go for the silver lining.”

“I like my job, Rodney.”

“Yes, you’ve said this, multiple times. I’m not stupid. I can, in fact, remember things you’ve told me over and over again. Doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“You knew what you were getting into.”

“Yes, yes I did. And I’m still here so that’s gotta mean something.”

John smiles a little at that.

“It does.” John says as he leans down to kiss him.

It was supposed to be short and sweet, but Rodney grabs the front of his shirt, rolls until he’s lying half on top of John and grinds down against John’s thigh, lips still on his own. John thrusts back and moans a little into Rodney’s mouth, Rodney’s tongue invading his mouth.

“We should really do this in a bed.” John whispers between kisses.

“Don’t wanna move.” Rodney says, mouth moving to John’s neck and John absolutely does not whimper when Rodney sucks on that spot that makes John see stars.

His hips thrust against John’s and John moans again.

“The game…”

“Oh please. The stupid things have so many commercials in them that you’re not missing anything. Besides, are you gonna pass up sex with me to watch football?”

Put that way, it sounds unbelievably stupid so John just kisses Rodney and hopes Rodney won’t call him on it.

Clothes gets pulled off and bunched up, Rodney’s legs on both sides of his hips pining him to the couch, Rodney’s mouth placing wet, sloppy kisses on his chest. Rodney’s hand scrambles around the couch and produces a tube of lube.

“See, this is why we can never have people over.” John whispers teasingly against Rodney’s mouth.

“Who cares?”

John really can’t argue with that.

He’s not sure what happens after that, everything blurred with kisses and skin and smoothness and Rodney on top of him, fingers inside of him until Rodney pushes his legs apart, opening them wide and pulling them onto his waist when he thrusts in.

It’s smooth, they’ve been doing this for two years and John likes to think they’ve go it down to a science, an art. Both know where to touch, where to feel and John pushes back when Rodney pushes forward, cock grazing his prostate and he thrashes a bit underneath Rodney.

Rodney’s steady hands on his hips, almost bruising and he thrusts hard, mouth attached to John’s neck until John turns his head and captures Rodney’s lips with his own. Rodney’s hand moves to his cock, stroking and pulling in time with his wild thrusts and he’s whispering something into the kisses, but John’s brain can’t quite make it out.

Just keeps kissing and moans and groans and moves with Rodney until the hand on his cock strokes harder and John’s coming all over Rodney’s hand. Wailing loudly and he’s glad Rodney talked him into buying a house because just a few months ago they’d have had neighbors from their apartment complex complaining.

“Oh fuck… John, John, John.” Rodney chants into his mouth.

Words like hot and tight and love you coming from his lips and it takes a few more thrusts before Rodney’s coming, cum spurting inside John and he has to moan along with Rodney.

“So.” Rodney says after long minutes of lazy touches and sloppy kisses where they’re both to sated to do anything more.

Rodney’s half on top of him, half on the couch and his head rests on John’s shoulder.

“Better than football?” He whispers against John’s neck.

John laughs a little at that, arm going to wrap around Rodney’s waist and he sighs.

“No contest.”


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  • (no subject)

    So, um, some Con pictures. Yup, that's right, Con pictures. Most are Comic Con and like three or David Hewlett close ups (there's a fourth, but I…

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  • Oh boy...

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