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The Hardest Thing About Writing Slashy Smut is the Pronoun Confusion
Clockstopper's Live Journal
Random Rodney/Lorne fic... 
19th-Sep-2006 11:57 pm
Title: That Good Old TLC Thing.
Fandom: SGA
Characters: Rodney/Lorne implied John/Carson
Prompt: Taste
Word Count: 1,757
Rating: PG
Summary: Rodney gets sick and Lorne takes care of him.
Author's Notes: I was bored.

Lorne likes to think he’s a good boyfriend even he doesn’t use the word boyfriend.

He’s been dating Rodney for a little over a month and it’s been interesting to say the least. Rodney keeps him on his toes. He never knows what Rodney’s going to want or do at any time. Most people would find that amount of unpredictability disconcerting, but Lorne likes to think he’s unique.

“Hey, Zelenka said you were still in your room. You didn’t get injured or anything did you?”

Rodney looks up at him through thick blankets, his eyes just a little puffy and he looks a little pale.

“If you call a debilitating illness injured.” Rodney says and his voice is a bit nasal-sounding and hoarse.

“Debilitating illness.”

“I have a fever of a hundred and two.”

“Did you take that temperature yourself?”

Rodney pouts at him.

“No. I went to the infirmary. Carson took it. Then he gave me a bunch of pills and told me to get some rest. Like the weight of Atlantis doesn’t rest solely on my shoulders and I can just take siestas.”

Lorne walks over to Rodney and puts his hand on Rodney’s forehead and sighs.

“Must be that bug that’s going around Atlantis.”

“I feel terrible.”

“I’m sure you do. You’re very warm.”

Rodney swallows and flops down on the blankets and bedding again.

“It’s not that I don’t appreciate you dropping by for no reason at all… because I do, but… don’t you have better things to do with your time?” Rodney asks.

He feels very sick and he’d radioed Radek that under no circumstances was he to be disturbed from his dying. Radek had just laughed at him and said that the scientists would try not to blow up Atlantis in his absence. Rodney tries not to think about that too hard.

“Zelenka says you’re sick enough to actually take the day off. That’s got to be a first for you.” Lorne says as he looks at Rodney critically.

“It’s not. Don’t you have some papers to file? I seem to recall Sheppard saying something about that being your mission in life.”

“Yeah that and killing life sucking aliens. It’s great to have a purpose.” Lorne says dryly.

Rodney’s come to appreciate Lorne’s dry humor even if no one else seems to get it.

“I’d give anything for a life sucking alien right now.” Rodney groans.

“Oh, McKay, you don’t mean that. I mean sure you look a little… sickly, but just think of what a huge waste that would be. Brain like yours.”

“You always know just the right thing to say. Now leave before I infect you with my nasty germs.”

Lorne rolls his eyes and just waves his hand.


“I can’t even taste it.” Rodney complains, his voice still nasal-sounding and his eyes are all red and puffy.

“Doctor Beckett said you have to drink plenty of fluids.”

“Just kill me now.”

“Stop being dramatic, Rodney.”

Rodney thinks he likes the way his name rolls off Lorne’s lips. Like he was meant to say it and Lorne’s holding him up, fingers caressing his back and Rodney resolutely tries not to throw up.

“It’s gross. Everything tastes like mucus or bile. I keep trying to brush my teeth, but my toothpaste makes me sick.” Rodney whines.

Lorne’s quite throughout, fingers still brushing Rodney’s back and Rodney leans into Lorne’s strong solid chest as Lorne tips the cup of juice against Rodney’s lips. Rodney tries to swallow the little amount of liquid that Lorne tips into his mouth, but his throat hurts and his jaw feels weak and some ends up dribbling out of the side of his mouth.

When Lorne realizes Rodney can’t drink anymore, he pulls the cup away and gently lays Rodney down on the bed, but even at his most gentle, it still hurt and Rodney curses whatever virus has been going around that’s made him this sick.

Rodney feels Lorne’s hand brush against Rodney’s forehead and he shivers slightly at the contact.

“You’re really hot.” Lorne murmurs.

“Normally I’d take that as a compliment.”

Lorne smiles and leans down to kiss Rodney’s forehead.

“Well that way too.”

Rodney rolls his eyes as best as he can, but even the slight movement makes him feel queasy.

“I’m so sick.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” Lorne says sarcastically.

“I feel icky all over.”


“Shut up, I’m sick. You can’t make fun of a sick person’s vocabulary even if it’s… heinous.” Rodney says, his sentences punctured by a huge sneeze.

“Yes, yes, you poor baby. Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up when it’s time for your medicine.”

“I’m not sure I can sleep. My head is pounding. And I’m hungry.”

“I tried feeding you.”

“Yes, and I appreciate it, I really do, but everything tastes like it was dipped in crap and it’s making me not so hungry. That and I think I’ve seen all the food in the mess hall after it’s been partially digested.”

Lorne pulls a face and sighs.

“Gets some rest.”

“You’re still going to be here, right?”

Lorne rolls his eyes.

“You’re sick. I’m not going anywhere.”


Lorne can tell that Rodney’s getting ready to sneeze and he tries not to wince. Rodney’s on day three of his sickness and according to Dr. Beckett, he’s getting better. The problem being that Atlantis is such a close knit group that people keep getting re-infected.

Dr. Beckett looks like he’s getting ready to lock everyone up in isolation, his eyes red from no sleep and dealing with a couple of dozen or so cranky scientists and marines. It amazes Lorne that he hasn’t gotten sick himself. At least half of his staff is out with the same thing.

“This has to stop.” Rodney says loudly.

He’s sitting on the bed surrounded by a couple of dozen used tissue papers and it looks like his hair hasn’t been washed in a few days. Lorne’s making the effort to help him as much as he can because that’s what a good boyfriend would do, but with a good chunk of the marines out, Lorne’s had to pick up his duties along with others.

At least off-world activity has been suspended.

“Sorry, babe, looks like you’re going to be sick for a little while longer.”

Rodney glares at him.

“Why aren’t you sick? You should be sick too.”

“Would you rather I was sick laid up in bed with you or taking care of you.”

Rodney mutters something that Lorne barely makes out, but he thinks Rodney says ‘taking care of me’ because his face gets a little pink and he diverts his eyes.

“I checked in with Zelenka. He said that a lot more of your staff has called in sick and he’s pretty much the only one in the lab.”

“Great.” Rodney says.

“Same thing with the marines. Sheppard has pretty much disappeared from sight. I think he’s a little afraid with getting sick.”

“He’s dating a doctor. He gets sick and Carson gives him the good stuff.”

“Yeah well.” Lorne says shrugging his shoulders.

He doesn’t know what to say to that so he just decides to leave it and walk over to the bed. It dips as he sits down and Rodney pushes him away, though it’s weak and half-hearted.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Why not?”

“You touch me and I’m gonna want to kiss you or something.”

“What’s so bad about that?”

“I don’t want you to kiss me when my mouth tastes like bile and my taste buds are the size of golf balls.”

“Then why don’t you just lay down with me.”

“You’re tempting fate. You’re going to get sick.” Rodney says.

Lorne pulls him down onto the bed, a little worried that it’s so easy and cuddles Rodney close.

“I’ll take that risk.”


“And get me some apple juice.”

“Rodney, I’m working.”

“You’re the one who asked me if I wanted anything.”

“You want me to get you crackers, soup, bread, your laptop, the last news from the lab, the weekly data burst from the SGC, the jumper diagnostics and now juice. That’s excessive.”

“You asked.” Rodney says.

His voice sounds a little pitiful and Lorne just knows that he’s pouting.

“Any one thing could start up my fever again.”

“You’re so evil. You know that right.”

“Does that mean you’re getting me my stuff.” Rodney says his voice small and far off sounding.

Lorne really needs to ask him how he does that.

“Fine. I’ll be there in a fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you. Remember, apple, not orange because I’m…”

“Deathly allergic to citrus. I know Rodney. I’ll be there in a little while.”

The radio goes dead and Lorne sighs.

“Is he getting to that part in his sickness where he’s using it against you.” Colonel Sheppard asks, smirk on his face.

Lorne doesn’t even answer.


Lorne’s arms are weighed down with everything that he has to carry for Rodney and he feels a little annoyed with it. He gets to Rodney’s room and he’s a little surprised that the door opens for him, but he caught Rodney fiddling with some wires the other day before he ran to the bathroom, almost falling because he was dizzy, to throw up.

He walks in and places everything down on the couch. He looks around for Rodney and spots him lying down on his bed, blankets bundled up and he’s wearing Lorne’s clothes. He looks so peaceful in his sleep, face slack and his hair looks so soft now that it’s been washed.

Lorne sighs because he was annoyed, but he isn’t now and he knows he’ll probably get teased by Sheppard until Sheppard gets injured off-world and Carson starts coddling him. It doesn’t really matter though because Rodney looks too cute and Lorne really needs to stop thinking those thoughts.

So he sighs and shrugs off his jacket. He could wake Rodney up and tell him he’s here with all of the stuff Rodney ordered him to get. But it’s not like any of it matters. The soup will taste a little bad, but Rodney can’t really taste much of anything and Rodney actually likes his juice warm.

Lorne sucks it up and slides in behind Rodney, liking the feeling of Rodney snuggling into him and he sighs.

He won’t wake Rodney up. He is sick after all and Lorne knows enough not to wake up a sleeping sick person.

He is a good boyfriend after all.

21st-Sep-2006 07:00 am (UTC)
You were BORED?!


You need to be bored more. A lot more.

Fantastic work on the fics, they're both so sweet!
21st-Sep-2006 12:38 pm (UTC)
Please, I beg you, get bored much more often.
17th-Apr-2010 11:57 pm (UTC)
aww... he is a good boyfriend. Also, reading all this Lorne/McKay is inspiring ideas for a fic. *muses on ideas*
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