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The Hardest Thing About Writing Slashy Smut is the Pronoun Confusion
Clockstopper's Live Journal
WHEDON CON!!!: Day Two 
7th-Nov-2010 10:31 pm
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I wanted to wait on posting this because I want to be like River in my icon right now, but I knew I'd forget stuff and I didn't want that to happen. So, here we go. This day was just as flaily as yesterday. Up today was Sean Maher, Morena Baccarin, Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss, Camden Toy and Doug Jones.

The day started with me getting up at eight to make it to Morena's autograph signing on time. I know, eight isn't that early, but I'm a college student. We don't sleep during the week and try to make up hours on the weekends. That so did not happen this weekend.

There really wasn't that much time between Morena's signing and Sean being on stage. Sure the QMx guys showed us all their awesome stuff, but that went by pretty fast.

And then there was Sean.

Look at that neck. That's a biteable neck folks. Anyway, he started the day off by saying he wanted to take Summer and Morena with him when the show ended and that he already had Jewel (for the life of me I can't remember what this was in reference too.) He's trying to pretend like he's not a gay man or something. I... refuse to believe. Which probably makes me sound psycho, but whatever. Like my gaydar cannot be that far off. He's gay married with a baby.

He's blinking, but look at that smile!

This is when he called Nathan to ask him what the worst prank was. Nathan apparently gets bad reception in his own home, but it was Sean's phone that was messing up. Nathan also tried to pretend like he didn't know it was Sean that was calling. Sean then told him that he would call Nathan later and hung up. But then Nathan called back and claimed there was never any bad pranks played on Sean. Which is an obvious lie, but we'll let Nathan pretend.

Sean's apparently really shy and really bad at doing panels by himself, but I think he did just fine. He took Simon's boots (but he doesn't miss Simon's vests and he really didn't like that blue smock thing the had him in in the movie, which, YES!) when they left and his favorite places were the infirmary and the lounge next to the infirmary. He always really loved the cargo bay because it meant long shoots with all of them. He said they were all really good friends and like a family, which is amazing to hear after so many years. He said he's just barely started to get past it with his therapist.

He made a little fun of Eddie from Warehouse 13 because they were talking about pilot season and how hard it is for smaller actors to get parts when all these big names take the parts and Eddie mentioned Carrot Top as a big name. He was apparently really stoic about it and Sean and Jewel couldn't tell if he was joking so he had to say he was and Sean was like oh good, I wouldn't want to have to call you stupid when Jewel and I are drinking wine later.

He said the most bizarre audition he had was when he was supposed to do this really dramatic scene where his character was yelling at his wife and he'd come all prepared and when he got there the casting director was like 'yeah you have to whisper because we're not really supposed to be here' and he was like 'well, why the fuck are we here then?' He didn't get the part.

He would gladly be killed by Joss Whedon. But is super happy he wasn't. There was a lady at the end who was seriously pissed that Simon didn't get more time (she kind of sounded drunk) on the show or the movie and he was like 'um, do you need to see someone about that?'. But he also said Joss was pretty aware that Sean didn't get as much story or time and he wants to do more.

After Sean Jane, Drew and Andrew were on. Jose Molina was supposed to come, but I guess he had a deadline or something.

So I maybe geeked out with this panel. Like seriously they were talking about all these writing things and I wanted to just have a geekgasm.

If I give the whole lowdown, I'm probably gonna need a separate entry so I'll go with major points.

Jane's favorite episode that she wrote is Superstar. She had been dying to write that and skipped someone in the rotation for it. Andrew's was Epitaph 2 for like the obvious reasons. Drew said his was the first one he wrote where he got to de-rat Amy and make Spike and Buffy have sex (Smashed), which I have to agree with, although the man wrote Safe too, which is my second favorite Firefly episode (The way this works is Out of Gas floats at the top and isn't even worth mentioning because if it's not your favorite, you're insane. Then it's Ariel and Safe.). He also wrote an episode of Queer as Folk which is hilarity.

They said that the one thing Joss really pounded into there head was structure (Drew) and a reason to tell the story (Jane and Andrew). They said you have to recognize that sometimes, that witty bit of dialogue that you think is so awesome you want it in no matter what may have to go if it doesn't do anything to tell the story or doesn't fit. That's called killing your baby, which I already knew and have done lots and lots of times.

Jane is apparently working on what is being called the fourth season of Torchwood, but I think it's in the US? I haven't been keeping up with the Torchwood news so IDK. Like, I wanna watch for her, but I can't. I just can't.

Andrew is working on the Vampire Diaries. I hardly know the guy so I won't be going to that show. Like ever. He did say it was hard to get out of the Joss state of mind and that the first script he turned into the Vampire Diaries was "too quippy" (That's called good writing, Vampire Diaries writers.). I felt really bad when I got his autograph because I don't have my Dollhouse DVDs yet (It's on the list for Christmas) and he said there's a lot of cool features and such and there's always Christmas and to get my hands on it. I told him it is a definite must and soon.

They all got asked if they ever watch the final product and Jane said she hates it. She said she watched Band Candy and could not stand it because she felt it could have been better. I think she's crazy, but I totally get it at the same time. Andrew said he felt the same way and they both said that you always have something in mind and it's weird if it doesn't get played out the way you wanted. Drew joked that he's too self absorbed and will watch anything he writes.

I got Jane and Drew's autos on my Firefly DVDs. I told Jane how much I adore her and her writing and her episodes and how I thought she was amazing and that there wasn't any possibly way her scripts could suck. She shook my hand. It was completely awesome.

Oh and apparently some people didn't like Doyle in the beginning. They brought it up when they talked about killing characters off and how it sucks and how Drew was so glad he didn't have to write the episode where Tara dies because Knight still get's hate mail. I loved Doyle from the gate man.


To be honest with you, there was a lot of V talk which went over my head so I can't remember any of it.


There were some awesome things from Firefly she mentioned. Like how her and Jewel both thought Inara and Kaylee should have ended up together (which I would totally and fully support) and how, if she were to do a spin-off, it would be Inara and Kaylee going around and being cool. She loved her whole wardrobe and she took the water basin from the Heart of Gold episode and a tea set.

She said that Mal and Inara couldn't really end up together. Like, they would have a relationship, but it would end in both of them dying tragically. She also said she wanted to see Space Babies, which means she wanted to see Wash and Zoe have kids because that would have been precious and adorable. She said that she worked super hard with the bow and arrow for Serenity and then the sort of CGI'd her a better weapon, but that she took classes with, I think?, Linda Hamilton? Or someone who was an Olympic Archer. Anyway she worked really hard and the crew like hid behind stuff because they thought she was all going to end badly because she was a girl with a weapon. She told them to put up an X and she could hit the mark and she hit it every time.

Because she's badass.

She also told us this really horrible story about how this fan like demanded her autograph and then didn't even know her name. It was totally the worst possible thing for a fan to do. She said you could ask and she would more than likely give you an autograph and maybe even a picture, but if she says no it's because she's busy and not because she's a jerk.

We also got to make fun of Nathan. She said Nathan used to say such horrible things. Like the scene where Inara is leaving and it's emotional and Morena had been crying all day over it and she went through the first run through and Nathan was all no that was good. That was awesome. You were fantastic... if you like horse shit. Morena then joked that she should go on Castle and every time Nathan does a scene she should tell him that it was fantastic... if you like horse shit.

Then it was Camden and Doug. I didn't see much of their panel because I was waiting for my photo ops. They seem like really funny and awesome people. They talked about what got them into makeup and monster acting and their favorite experiences. Doug called Camden a handsome man more than once. And apparently Doug is like super freaking tall and like anorexic skinny.

Someone also mentioned Hocus Pocus which Doug loved.

And that was it! Too short! Creation needs to expand it to three days and add more guests in my opinion. Like there needs to be Enver next year for sure. They could totally do theme days and it would be awesome. I would save all my monies for that. So, until next year! Because I'm totally not doing the Supernatural LA Con next year. Like, it's getting ridic how fast that shit sells out.
8th-Nov-2010 07:13 am (UTC)
HOLY CRAP! Billy the zombie is one of the gentlemen?! How did I never know this?!?! I was walking by his table in the hallway yesterday, and he was, like, singing some version of Mack the Knife that was an advertisement for Big Macs.

You remembered all the stuff that I remember. You're supposed to remember the bits that I don't remember, so when we put it all together, there's a complete record of what went on.
8th-Nov-2010 07:53 am (UTC)
Yup. Which I found out from a friend. If I had the extra cash I was gonna get him to sign my copy of Hocus Pocus, but I had no monies. Dude has been in a lot of stuff. Which I think was one of the things they were talking about like being recognized and how it's tough for makeup actors because of that.

Ha, some stuff does keep coming back to me. But it seems to be mostly Joe stuff. Tomorrow I'll remember all the stuff from today. Or something.
8th-Nov-2010 10:54 am (UTC)
Great write-up again! Thanks for sharing!
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